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The mission of AngFX is to deliver high-touch, high-quality landscape services that are environmentally sustainable, water efficient and visually superior. It is our practice of service to model professional respect, and responsible stewardship for all life forms whether person or plant.  We put our heart and soul into delivering highly efficient and effective landscape management services to property managers and property owners in Orange County. 

Specialty Landscape Maintenance Service, is the kind that takes time to listen and deliver solutions to problems; it takes initiative to beautify the existing space without being asked, and it uses highest quality maintenance techniques while trimming, pruning and mowing to deliver an outdoor environment that is visually superior.

Our goal to exceed your expectations of visual beauty and verbal responsiveness.

AngFX is one of the premier full service landscaping companies in the Orange County area. Our services include landscape maintenance, landscape design and installation, irrigation management, water efficient landscape retrofits, backflow testing, consulting and debris removal. 

Whether you need need landscape maintenane service for a landscape that surrounds a commercial building, apartment complex, homeowner association, shopping center or home - the professionals at AngFX can do the job well. 

AngFX (Angeffects Inc.) is a licensed and bonded company that has served Orange County since 2005. We offer 'next generation' customer service and high quality landscape management care at affordable prices to property owners of all sizes. The flexible programs AngFX offers empowers their customers to purchase services 'a-la-carte' or all inclusive to meet the individual needs of each customer, community and landscape.

Don't trust your landscaping to anyone with a lawnmower and a logo. Your landscape IS your piece of the Planet to take care of - Do the right thing and make a change for the better!

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